We Love It When Students Think Ahead

by Doug Zanger

Adults, think about when you were younger.

Did you really know what it is you wanted to do? 

You may have some idea and, over time, it may have stayed the same or changed. 

My path has never been what one could call “linear.” In college, I was an International Studies major with the intention of doing some kind of foreign service for our country. 

But, how things changed.

After graduation, I started in banking and then, over the years, evolved to where I am today — advertising and marketing. It was a path that started with a combination of interests that eventually led me to my current career that I value and love.

At the Oregon College Savings Plan, we are strong advocates for education at any and every level. And we encourage people to seek out their dreams and passions — even if there may be many twists, turns and directions.

That’s why we were so pleased to receive an email from Annette Howell in Eastern Oregon about her son, William Zachary. 

College, and his future, matters deeply to him — and he took the time to share his thoughts on education and his future:

When I graduate from college, I will be……

That is a very tough question when first glanced at it. It takes a lot of thinking to answer.  I have thought about this question many times and have many possible answers.  

I think it is best to have many options when going in to college because then when you graduate, you have a variety of careers you could possibly pursue. I have thought of many different things I want to be, ranging from journalist to graphic designer.

The first thing I thought about being was a journalist.  

I love writing about events that are taking place in the real world — and also about sports topics. I haven’t been as involved as I would have liked with sports activities so I would be weak in that area. I was thinking, however, about being a journalist for current local issues in our local paper. I think I would be good in that area.

The second thing I thought about being was a lawyer.  

I have always liked participating in the debates we have in class — and when I have a point I am trying to make, I can argue about it for hours on end.  My uncle went to law school but did not pass the bar. I have always wanted to see if I could pass it, and that way I could have bragging rights. Anyway, it has always been something I have been interested in. 

The most recent career goal I have wanted to pursue is graphic design.  

At first, I was interested in the general computer sciences field, but as I narrowed it down, graphic design won the golden ticket. This is also one of the things I have always wanted to be; I just never took the time to really research it and find out what was involved. Once I did, I was sold. I think that if I had to pick one of the three to be, it would be a graphic designer.

Journalist, lawyer, graphic designer.  

Three very different things, but they have all found a common place in my heart.  All three are very promising fields to work towards, it’s just a matter of getting there.  I believe that if I push myself, I could get a degree in any one of those careers.  

When I graduate from college, I can get there. 

We absolutely love the passion and spirit — and are pleased that he took the time to share. 

William’s goals are clear. 

And it all starts with a college education.