Oregon College Savings Plan Weekly – Episode 10

This week, we discuss new tweaks to the plan (Quicken, withdrawals directly to schools, custodian access to minors’ accounts), the recent asset increases, year-end tax tips and more.

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Oregon College Savings Plan Weekly – Episode 9

More on preparing your taxes and how to get your deduction up to April 15th, how to communicate to your tax professional as it relates to the Oregon College Savings Plan, the range of plans, building a portfolio using single funds and more.

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From Diapers to Diploma – Saving For College

by Doug Zanger, Guest Parent Blogger

Our son is celebrating his second birthday soon. It’s been a real joy to watch him grow (and it’s been nice to watch our Oregon College Savings Plan account grow right along with him).

One of the things that we think about is amping up what we already contribute to our account. In a perfect world, we’d love to be able to budget even more for him. What’s nice is knowing that, as things change, we can add a few extra dollars here and there.

When our son moved from baby food to the food we were eating, we were able to save a few bucks each month — and it went right in to his Oregon College Savings Plan account. It wasn’t a huge bump up, but an extra $30 to $50 a month can go a long way.

Soon, we’ll be entering the next phase of raising our child: potty training.

I never really thought much about the cost of diapers. But, after doing the math, I noticed that we may end up saving around $50 to $75 per month just on diapers, wipes and other things related to wearing diapers.

That could be an extra $600 to $900 annually.

Let’s say that we’re at the top end and contribute an extra $75 per month. At this rate, we would be contributing more than $14,000 when our son would be ready to attend college.

There are plenty of ways to find money.

Little did we know that we just had to look at diapers to unearth some gold that will go a long way for our son’s education.


Oregon College Savings Plan Weekly – Episode 8

A recap of this past week’s free college savings seminars in Medford, Eugene and Portland. Plus, more information on the Principal Plus option and how you can start saving for college without putting any money down when you open the account.

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